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High risk of developing ...?

A sixteen year old person who likes to hunt , enjoys riding his motorcycle and plays drums in his local rock band is at high risk of developing :a.stimulation deafness
b.nerve deafness
c.the hunter's notch
d.all of the above
stimulation deafness ...Stimulation deafness occurs when very loud sounds damage hair cells in the cochlea (as in "hunter's notch"). If you work in a noisy environment or enjoy loud music, motorcycling, snowmobiling, hunting, or similar pursuits, you may be risking stimulation deafness. The hair cells, which are about as thick as a cobweb, are very fragile and easily damaged. If a ringing sensation known as tinnitus follows exposure to loud sounds, chances are that hair cells have been damaged.

High pain tolerence?

i was just wondering if there is a name for somenone with really high pain tolerence. because last year i broke 2 bones in my ankle and did know till i had surgery. all my ankle felt was a little stiff like when you go on longe runs. this year i also ripped a muscle in my stomach and when i did it i just felt a small pinch. is there a name for this or is it just high pain tolerence?
You have a high pain tolerance. In general women have a higher tolerance than men. This is not necessarily a good thing, it is one of the reasons men are more likely to survive a heart attack. Men will run to the ER at the first chest pain while women wait to see if it will go away. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. It could prevent additional damage.


IS there actually a cure for hick-ups
push on the two sides of your forehead and it reverses the nerve
try holdong your breath or drink a glass of water or something like. or try someone scaring you.
hold your tongue with your fingers and swallow do you make them fade,fast??

Got a little frisky last night, and woke up with this darn thing..(Its been years since i've had
This kills me...I've never heard of all this before. As a healthcare provider I can tell you positively that it is something that has to run it's course. It is somewhat like a bruise in that blood has broken out of the vessels and is apparent under the skin. But hickeys have the added disadvantage of having had the blood draw up to even closer below the skin by the vacuum action. Thus the little red dots as opposed to a bruise. NOTHING can hurry your body to breakdown the blood and absorb it.just like a bruise. I like the green make-up answer...cuz' covering it is your only option.
put a red marker on it make it peramant marker and washable and your friends don't know.
Hickey's cannot fade fast. They are like a blood clot under the skin. The discoloration or bruising will stay until the spot heals itself. All I can suggest is to wear high collars...
Wow your question is taking me back. I don't know that there is a sure fire way but I can tell you what I used to do. I used to put ice on it for a few minutes and then take the back of a comb and comb over it and that seemed to make it lighter. If that doesn't work try makeup. Use a green base that will take out the red and then just use concealer or foundation to cover. Good luck!
protein is supposed to help the body a steak for dinner and hope for the best
toothpaste is said to work, but i really had no success with that one, the same goes for cold spoons, the best thing i have found is a hair dryer...not too hot, and a comb.(weird, i know) just blow on it and comb over it.
Man unfortunately, you just have to wait it out. I was dancing with a drunk girl at a club, she told me she liked me in college and she bit my neck and left a mark. I tried everything didnt work. So just wait it out homie!
you can not make them fade any faster i was always told as a teenager to put an ice cube on them but i don't know if that really works just get some make up and cover it up and wear a high collar until it is gone.. good luck
duh those answers suck. Gauranteed. take a thing of chapstick on the cap side and rub it over the hickey. rub hard for alittle whilei n little circles, it breaks up the somthing with the blood and it will fade and go away, but dont stop until you see its gone. Works like a charm, I know I had very overprotetive parent haha
ice or a cold spoon
u get the end of a chapstick and then put it on top of it and start twisting the skin with the chapstick!it works !!

Hiccups for 4 days solid?

I have had hiccups nonstop for 4 days. Unable to sleep. I am exhausted. What causes this and any tips that work to get rid of them??
I get my kids to do this all the time.
Get an 8-12 oz. Glass of water.
Hold your nose and drink the whole glass of water through a straw. It has worked for them. I hope this helps you.
You might have to go the doctor.What happend:
Hiccups are sudden, involuntary contractions of the diaphragm muscle. As the muscle contracts repeatedly, the opening between your vocal cords snaps shut to check the inflow of air and makes the hiccup sound. Irritation of the nerves that extend from the neck to the chest can cause hiccups.
this has worked for me and everyone I know.
Sit up..put your head down..close your eyes..breathe very shallow for 3 or 4 minutes. then breathe a little deeper. If the first time doesn't work..try try again.
Drink more water and ask your doctor.
This works for me EVERY time with hiccups.I press firmly inward, and then upward on my stomach. It pushes air out, and I will burp a couple times, and after that.they go away. I don't know if it's always because of trapped air, or what, but after I started doing this, it has worked for me every time.
Every time I have the hiccups, my daughter heads for the pantry. She says that if you put creamy peanut butter under your tongue, the hiccups will be gone by the time the PB dissolves.It's worked every time so far.
That's a bit grim!The thing that always works for me is holding my breath and swallowing five times.Then try to force a burp.Sounds weird but it works everything, either that or get someone to make you laugh - it's the changing breath rate that stops the hiccups as it's caused by involuntary contractions of the diaphragm.It is also possible that they are being caused by an irritation of the nerves so I would advise talking to your doctor about them, because of the affect it is having on the rest of your life if nothing else!Good luck :o)
I have always done this and it seems to work you take a glass of water and put a clean washrag over the glass and drink through it or I have done this to eat about a teaspoon of peanut butter hope this helps
PLEASE TRY THIS:Close you eyes, introduce (inhale) as much air into your lungs as you can and A LITTLE BIT MORE, al least 2 more inhalations to complete filling your lungs and make help you relax your diaphragm. Keep air in your lungs for as long as you can, and exhale very slowly VERY SLOWLY trough your mouth. Repeat as many times untill you get rid of your hiccup.good luck...

Hi...I need serious suggestions plz help me...?

for past many months my husband is facing lots of pain in his legs n lower back,we got MRI n SCAN done. Report of MRI says that he has- severe spinal stenosis both developmental i.e by birth n acquired.Can any one tell how bad it can be n does it gets ok with remedies other then surgery.n also for what treatment we shud go for this.
This is NOT the place to ask about conditions affecting the spine. If you get bad advice, your husband could end up in a wheelchair. Oh, and don't just rely on medical advice from the internet. Ask for a second opinion from another Doctor, a specialist would be the best.
If it was acquired from birth, how the hell can he start having the pain now, was the pain sleeping for so many days. Doctors give vague descriptions of certain things, they only tend to make the patient more nervous and unhealthy. Try the Natural Cures, it helps very much, has helped others and of course me too.Backache, one of the most common ailments, is widely prevalent these days due to sedentary living habits and hazardous work patterns. The psychological conditions associated with emotional stress, which bring about spasm of the muscles, may also cause backache. As the back bears the weight of the entire body it gives way when it has to carry an extra load in the case of persons who are overweight. The back, a complex structure of muscles, bone and elastic tissue, is known as the life-bone of the body. The spine is made of 24 blocks of bone piled one on top of the other. Sandwiched between these bony blocks are cushions of cartilage and elastic tissues called intervertebral discs. The vertebral discs act as shock absorbers for the back. Mobility would be impossible without discs. Sometimes these cushions rupture and the pulp protrudes a little. The process is erroneously called a 鈥榮lipped鈥?disc. If the cushion disappears entirely, the result is known as a degenerated disc. In slipped-disc trouble, the nerve is affected in such a way that the pain radiates down the thigh and leg. If the disc 鈥榮lips鈥?in the neck area, it causes numbness and pain radiates to the arms. Disc trouble does not occur suddenly but builds up over a long time. The backbone forms a protective arch over the vertebrae and spinal cord and protects the spinal nerves that are interwoven through the spinal column. There is a close relationship between the bones, discs, joint muscles, and nerves in the back and the slightest problem or injury to the back or neck area can have disastrous effects.Symptoms
In most cases of backache, the pain is usually felt either in the middle of the back or lower down. It may spread to both sides of the waist and the hips. With acute pain, the patient is unable to move and is bedridden. About 90 per cent of backache patients suffer from what is called cervical or lumber spondylosis. It is a degenerative disorder in which the vertebral bone or the intervertebral disc becomes soft and loses shape. As a result of this, the spine loses its flexibility.Causes
The main causes of backache and spondylosis are muscular tension, joint strain, poor posture and incorrect nutrition resulting from dietetic errors and lack of exercise. Acute or chronic illnesses like kidney or prostate problems, female disorders, influenza and arthritis, may also lead to backache. Other causes include stress and strain resulting from sitting for a long time, improper lifting of weight, high heels, and emotional problems which may cause painful muscle cramping. Poor posture results from soft chairs and coaches, which facilitates slouching and sitting incorrectly. Shoes with high heels place a tremendous strain on the back and other muscles of the body. Sleeping on too soft a mattress which results in an improper back and neck posture, can cause tension, headaches and pain in the upper and lower back. Another major cause of back problems and tense muscles is lack of exercise. Modern conveniences have made office work easier. The easy life can lead to obesity which puts a great strain on the back. When muscles are not exercised and remain weak, the chances of injury to them are increased manifold.Treatment
Drugs prescribed to relieve pain or relax muscles in backache disorders do not cure common back problems. These can become habit forming and may actually perpetuate the disease in case of excessive intake. Certain safety measures, especially, for people in sedentary occupation, are necessary to relieve and prevent backache. The most important of these is exercise which improves the supply of nutrients to spinal discs, thereby delaying the process of deterioration that comes with age and eventually affects everybody. Safe exercises include walking, swimming and bicycling. The latter should be done keeping the back upright. Controlling one鈥檚 weight is another important step towards relieving backache as excess weight greatly increases the stress on soft back tissues.Those with sedentary occupations should take a break to stand up every hour. Soft cushioned seats should be avoided and position should be changed as often as possible. Persons with back problems should sleep on a firm mattress on their sides with knees bent at right angles to the torso. They should take care never to bend from the waist down to lift any object but instead should swat close to the object, bending the knees but keeping the back straight, and then stand up slowly.Neck tension arising from long hours at the desk or behind the wheel of the car can be relieved by certain neck exercises. These include rotating the head clockwise and anticlockwise, allowing the head to drop forward and backward as far as possible and turning the head to the right and left as far as possible several times. These exercises help to loosen up contracted neck muscles which may restrict the blood supply to the head.The diet of those suffering from backache should consist of a salad of raw vegetables such as tomato, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, radish, lettuce and at least two steamed or lightly cooked vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, spinach and plenty of fruits, all except bananas. The patients should have four meals daily. They may take fruits and milk during breakfast, steamed vegetables and whole wheat chapattis during lunch, fresh fruits, or fruit juice in the evening and a bowl of raw salad and sprouts during dinner.The patients should avoid fatty, spicy, and fried foods, curd, sweetmeats, sugar, condiments as well as tea and coffee. Those who smoke and take tobacco in any form should give them up completely.Proteins and vitamin C are necessary for the development of a healthy bone matrix. Vitamin D, calcium, phosphorous and the essential trace minerals are essential for healthy bones. Foods that have been processed for storage to avoid spoiling have few nutrients and should be eliminated from the diet. Vitamin C has proved helpful in relieving low-back pain and averting spinal disc operations.The back can be strengthened through proper nutrition, exercise and relaxation and in the process general health will also improve.Hot fomentations, alternate sponging or application of radiant heat to the back will also give immediate relief. Yogic asanas which are beneficial in the treatment of backache are bhujangasana, shalabhasana, halasana, uttanpadasana and shavasana.Hope this helps, Good Luck.
Sounds like u were tricked into this marriage w/ a sickly husband. Do you really think if YOU WERE the one w/ birth defect he would have stayed w/ you??
His parents %26 he KNEW of this u have to support him. Just remember that!
Go sell your bangles and get a second opinion from another doctor!! I feel sorry for you because he will probably end up in wheelchair. ...and they knew this all along honey...don't be so naive!!
Please contact Ayush / Coimbatore Arya Vaidya Shala centre in your city. My 80 yr old father also suffered a lot but today he is driving and walking everywhere, after therapy by CAVS. Good luck.
This is a condition that has to be resolved by experts and not here. Congenital spinal problems are not easily resolved.This area borders on Neuro-sciences and Orthopaedics. The surgery is delicate and involved. May require the use of titanium implants for support.It is unlikely that a non-surgical solution other than palliative therapy is possible.You should get another opinion from another clinic, preferably from a different town.

Hi, I鈥檓 a dancer and I broke my right 5th metatarsal, had a surgery, and went through physical therapy. This

It is possible you could have torn either some ligaments or retinaculums of the tendons (sheaths that keep tendons in certain grooves, etc)...or it could even be the tendon riding over scar tissue. If it is popping without pain, I wouldn't worry too much about it...but if the popping is painful, you may need to investegate about further soft tissue damage that may have occurred when you fractured the metatarsal.It's also suspicious that you are having pain on the medial side of the ankle when your fracture was on the lateral side of your foot. Pain near the achilles tendon could also be the side of a bone spur.
Where's the question?
Ive messed up my ankles really bad in gymnastics..ive sprained both of them several times.but i quit that and im in ballet now too. My ankles pop and crack whenever i point them, and ive gotten weak ankles as a result to all this, and it makes pointe difficult. I'm not too sure about the flexor hallucis longus, but maybe you reinjured yourself, and pulled or tore that? I'm not too sure..
I guess you need more ankle strengthening exercises. You may have returned to ballet a little earlier than is recommended after laying off for a year.

Hi, I received the depo shot, and has been bleeding for 2 mos. sometimes it very heavy and sometime not. Help

This is one of the many bad side effects of the drug. Report this to your doc so he can decide what to do. You are obviously one of the people who should not use this drug.
i've had the shot for about a year and a half now, in the beginning you'll bleed some days for no reason, just random, but after like your 2nd or 3rd shot, you won't bleed at all till its time to get the shot again
sadly it has that affect on some people doc can give you some tablets to half the bleeding.make an appointment soon
i had the same problem i bleed most of the month on the shot. I think you should stop using it altho with most b/c methods your body will take a while to get used to it. Like when i was on the patch the first month of taking it i bleed the whole time then the next month and there after i was fine.
Have you lost your doctor's telephone number??

Hi, I have a bruise?

I have a purple-ish bruise on my knee. I was wondering if there was anything that I could do to help it go away.
There's really not much you can do. Bruises are areas that have sustained an injury which cause the minor blood vessels in the skin to leak blood into the surrounding tissue.Bruises go away depending on how much blood leaked into that area. Don't massage it or any thing. That will re-injure some of those leaky veins.My advice: Wear long pants if the bruise bothers you. OR, you could "show it off." It's a great conversation starter. People are always curious when it comes to injuries.
eat oranges or take vitamin C pills
wear some pants it won't go away but at least no one will see it.
You're a KITTIE! oh, right ..the bruise. I've heard meat-tenderizer doesn't work. I've read honey helps aid the healing of diabetic ulcers, so it might be helpful with a bruise too. Other than wear pants and forget about it; i really don't know what else to tell ya.
you can rub rubbing alcohol over it. that actually helps. and take iron pills. iron pills make the blood cells more healthy and replace existing dead ones (as in the dead blood cells that turn black, blue, purple)
Mwaaahhhh! There's a kiss on it to make it better. :)

Hi, I dont mean to be inapropriate but it has to due with my sons health. I need a response immeadiatly....

My son purchased very very very hot hotsause and he has some which got on his fingers. Later about 1-3 hours later he went to the bathroom and didnt wash his hand previously so he touched his penis and then now his penis he says in stinging and is very very hot. It is not bleading or red just irratated. What should i do?
Put him in the shower and let the water run over his penis freely for about 15 minutes.
A low antiseptic cream like Savlon should be put on afterwards.
You don't say how old your son is?
If he is very young, take him to the Doctor's or ER if it dosn't help.
If he is older just get him to keep an eye on it for irritation. It probably will become red because it is burnt on the dermis (top layer of skin).
It happens a lot more than you would think. At least he's a boy and not a girl!
i would say wash it and just let it get better try putting some burn cream on it...if it gets to bad go to the doctors
I'm sure this would burn him. Have him get in a tub and sit. The water can't be to cold but not to warm either. Let him wash himself gently. He may be able to "flush" the hot sauce off his skin like this. He may have to stay in the water for awhile. Watch for swelling though because this is a sensitive area.If it does start to swell, it may be smart to take him to a hospital. Good luck
Just wash it with soap and water-he stinging should go away in a few hours.
Try 'Aloe Vera' gel. You can get it at Wal mart for $2.00 bottle. 113g. That should stop the itching and heal it. Also have him take a bath and use some baby products in the bath water, they are very gentle.

Hi u have just been told that i havre hypothyroiism?

No i have been taking Levothyroxine 50m to start off with for the past 3 days. Now my stomach making all sorts of strange noises getting pins and needles in my hands and feet also keep getting this funny pain in my chest as well as my left side of my back. I have als experianced problems with my eyes. Does any one else have hypothyrioism and suffer from anything since taking the tablet.
had hypothyroidism for 22 years and take 200m a day and had no side affects
What is hypothyroiism and im sorry for your problem hope you get better
i have hypothyroidism, my thyroid was taken out as i had graves. i have been on thyroxin for 2 years now, i remember getting side affects when i first started using them, it gave me palpitations, im fine with them now. i also have to take a tablet for my stomach, this is to counteract the thyroxin, its called omeprozole, you should let your gp know of your side affects, hope this helps x
I have been taking Levoxil (short name) for more than 20 years
125 mg. and I believe that the stomach noises is because it can
cause an increased appetite. I have included a link so that you can see all of the side effects but rather than ask the question to this forum it would be best to discuss this with your doctor, he may want to start you at a lower dosage and then move you up in strength
I've never heard of those reactions, but definitely tell your doctor about it asap. Maybe she gave you a too-high dose to start. Here's a good source of info on thyroid disease and its treatments.
I take Armour Thyroid , and have no side effects at all.
I did at first, but my doc said it was because my appetite was getting back to normal. Talk to your doctor, maybe your dose is not right. Within a week, your TSH and T-4 levels can be re-checked and your dose adjusted. I take 250mcg daily, and have for about 10 years. You'll feel a lot better now that you have been diagnosed.
Ive taken thyroxine for 10 years now and after reading your symptoms I'm starting to wonder if all the symptoms Ive got are related to my thyroid my doctor tells me that there not but we show the same problems so maybe there is a link hope you can get an awnser.

Hi my son got black glasses and a boy in his class has got the same ones?

hi my son got black glasses and a boy in his class has got the same ones but the boys in his class has had his glasses nicked he might thank tht my son nicked them anone help
Hmmmmmmmmmm...I wonder if it's actually "Mom" asking this question...
Scratch them somehow on the inside of the frame, and say that you did that ages ago, the boy will know they are not his
Put something specific on the glasses to help make them distinctive.
I don't think anyone would be stupid enough to wear the other boys glasses around him.. I wouldn't worry about it
Why are you paranoid? Did he nick the glasses? If not then chill out.
omg! well have your son bring the case of the glasses to school!
Aww that鈥檚 a hard one get a new set, you know what kids like at that age.on the other hand he might got Worst vision than you sons then he would know its not his.
Use a permanent marker to put a small dot on one of the nose pieces. This way, it won't look silly since it is hidden on the inside. But if he were to take them off, one would be able to see that it has clearly been marked.
engrave your sons initials on one of the legs of the glasses,that way he will know they are your sons.
send him in with the reciept
ermm work on your english first before posting up
Get them engraved with your sons initials! xxx
paint a tiny bit of nail varnish behind ear bit where no one would see it!

Hi my Daughter gets pain in her legs doctor said it is growing pains has anyone heard of it?

My Daughter is only 4 years old and she tells my mom and I that her legs hurts. I took to the doctor and they said it is growing pain. My aunt which is in her 40 is going though the same thing she is. Let guess i guess she is going though growing pains to. She crys until u message her legs and put warm water on them. She been going though it for two years. My Mom said that my daughter is the only one that she knows that had it that young. My daughter small toe goes in a little bit but she see someone for that. Does anyone think that has anything to do with that. she tell me with her little toe it hurts when she has shoes on. I don't think it does but I am sad when my baby is hurtting. Does anyone have any ideas what it might be. I wish I know what it was so she don't have to go though the pain anymore.
Ive definitely heard of growing pains. My 7 yr old son has them now and then. I even took him to the ER because I didnt know what it could be. He got an X ray, blood work, and ultra sound.nothing just growing pains. About her baby toe though I really dont know about that too much.
i think its what they call osteoartrithis... sorry for the spelling... 10 out of 100 children sffer from this illness. I recommend asking the doctor about that case, although im not quite sure if thats really it. I had my pains too, but a painreliever every 6 hrs relieved it. Hope this helps...
i am 15 and i just got out of that stage.. I am a boy though.
I used to get them when I was about six. Yes, massage and heat does wonders to alleviate the pain. They're not sure what causes them. Some think it's growing bones, some think it's a result of childhood activity. I doubt that the toe has anything to do with the growing pains, as the gp are in the muscles.
My step-Daughter went through the same thing years ago when she was just a little girl, and every so often as a teen.
The Doctor assured us that some children are affected that way while growing and some are not. As for your 40 year old Aunt, she needs to see a Doctor as that could be anything
from the lack of blood circulation ( I'm just guessing ) to some kind of a muscle deterioration.
Good luck !
yep, i used to get them too, they would keep me awake at night. Its in the lower half of the leg usually past the knee and its like a dull ache that becomes almost unbearable. Tylenol and warm packs work. Also moving around helps, they usually happen when i was laying in bed and i would get up and move around for a while and the pain would subside.
as other people above have already stated..growing pains are real. My 10 yr old has had them since about 4 or 5 as well. You aunt should get herself checked out though b/c since she has stopped growing hers is not the same thing. Hers could be from artery or vein disease of some sort to a neuropathy. Any of these are serious and need to be checked by a physician as soon as possible. The toe thing with your daughter is not part of the growing pains at all. Take care and hope both your daughter and aunt a pain-free weekend.
I had growing pains as a child and I have a daughter and a granddaughter that has had them. I do think however you might think about the possibility of them being cause from not enough calcium in her diet. Other reasons for cramps can be not enough salt or magnesium in the diet. Just a thought to check.
Yes I had this when I was young. Massage, and warm water, heating pads, ice packs, etc. helps a lot. Also ask you doctor about giving childrens Advil.
I don't think it is her shoes as too many children suffer the exact same syptoms and pain.I have heard of growing pains and my poor 11 year old sufferers badly from it every 6 months or so. and has since he was about 2.5 years old.
He would cry through the day but the night time was the worst. It breaks a mum's heart to see her child in pain and suffering.We tried everything to ease his pain.
Panadol. Asprin. Massage. Heat. Rest. Nothing worked..Until 3 weeks ago I found the most wonderful, natural drug called Crampeze.
It contains Magnesium and vitamin B6.
It is at the Chemist and some supermarkets stoke it.
It it for any age and is helpful for adults as well with relief for Restless Leg Syndrome.
They are large capsules but can be broken down to help her swallow them.
Growing pains are real. All kids have them, I'm betting you did as well. If the pain is really bothering her, try a little childrens tylenol, the lowest dose for her weight.

Hi ive been getting pain in my left side of my belly help?

ive had it for 2months now and it wont go away and when i feel my left side i feel a long swallen thing on my left side wich i can feel everytime i feel my left side ,but some times its not as swallen, and the back of my back on my left side is hurting as well does any one kno wat it is? help? x
all of the symptoms sound like you have constipation. Yes, you can have pain in the back from the intestines. The intestines are the largest muscle in the body, the small intestine is 22ft. and the large intestine is 9ft.. When you think of how big an area it covers you can understand why you would feel so much pain. I think the doctor was correct in giving you something to help with the bowel Movements. What you really need is to be doing something every day to help the inflammation And constipation in the intestines. Use a powdered fiber supplements such as Metamucil, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Eat as much fresh fruit as possible along with vegetables and brown rice , oatmeal and other whole grains. Take a capsule of acidophlis twice daily on an empty stomach. If you have any further questions please let me know,
You are Pregnant.
You really should go to the doctor...
Sounds like it could be serious.
go to doctor i bet he will know better than people from yahoo
rumbling appendicitis
I wish I could have a long swollen thing.~~ Seriously go and see a doctor .
Go to another doctor. Get a second opinion.
I have abdominal pain every day, and have for 18 yrs.It sounds to me like it is definitely not your appendix.It sounds like you have chronic constipation. Did you feel better after you went to the bathroom, but then it came back a few days later?It sounds like you need more fluids and fiber in your diet.
There are also other things like Metamucil, and stool softeners that can help if that is the problem.You may very well be depressed, but having a bulge on your left side does not have anything to do with depression. You may need to be on an anti-depressant, but that won't make the bulge go away.I would bug your doctor to do more tests to figure this out for you. You have to demand it, or go for a second opinion.I know pain, and I am truly sorry that you are going through this.If you need to talk, write me,
Good Luck, and God Bless!!
HiIt could be a number of things. You need to get to a doctor and get a blood test and a sonogram and/or ct-scan. Last year, I had pain on the left side and mid part of my abdomen and it felt swollen too. It would hurt more after eating and also after exercising. So I had a sonogram (ultrasound) and the doctor said that my spleen and liver were a bit swollen. So then I had to go take a blood test to see why they were swollen because it could have been any of many things. So I took the blood test and it turns out there were traces of the Epstein Barr virus in my blood, indicating a past case of infectious mononucleosis, which made my spleen and my liver get swollen. There is no treatment for it other than time but a few months I was good as new. So it's possible that you may have splenomegaly. If you experience fatigue and weakness or loss of appetite then there is a fair possibility that you may have it.Go and get a sonogram ASAP.
Good luck
I had a pain similar to that for years and went to the e.r plenty of times and was always told that it was a muscle spasm because theres really nothing else on your left side. Finally one night I got the pain again but it was in my back a little too so the dr's finally decided to check out my kidneys. It turned out that I had an accesory artory running over my kidney which would sort of block it. So after a while the fluids in my kidneys would build up but the left one wouldnt be able to get rid of it quick enough and the pressure from the accesory artory was causing the pain. I had an IVP study and they saw that my left kidney was bigger than my right and they decided to do surgery to fix it. I had a left pyeloplasty a year ago and have been fine ever since. This could be your problem as well. Good Luck to you.

Hi I'm From UK. Do folks in US know what a "Number 2" is?

... as opposed to a "Number 1"...
Wait til you want a Number Three then you will worry.
They should do but they probably dont
I have 4 little boys, in my house #2 is a polite way of saying bowel movement, #1 is urinating.
According to the show on BBC here in the US.( how clean is youre house ). It's what your house looks like after not being cleaned in 10 years. SH_ _ ( feces )

Hi I want to quit smoking but every time I decide that tomorrow is the day I panic and go buy some cigarette I

Need help and suggestions
trying slowing down smoke only say half as much as you used to cut back off a cigarette when you can till you're only smoking a few a day then you start to become less dependant then maybe you only have a couple work it down to where you don't need them at all, it's hard to just quit cold turkey
Just means you are weak on the inside. If you really want to quit, do it. My suggestion is to not buy any. Wow that was hard wasn't it?
you could try nicotine gum
Try going to Or you could try gum, or the patch.
Quitting smoking is really easy ONCE YOU REALLY *WANT* TO QUIT.Wanting to quit and deciding you're going to quit are two different things.You'll know when you want to quit. Until then, it's really really hard to quit.
Ask some friends to watch you, and 'hang' out with you.
It will help you quit with company around, I hope, because, I don't know, might get your mind off the stress.Also, find a hobby, if you want to smoke, just pick up a good book, or chew on a piece of gum...
Good luck with quiting...
There's a new medication called Chantix. My coworker who smoked for 46 years took it and stopped smoking completely after 6 weeks. She said she didn't crave cigarettes anymore when she was taking it.The hard part was learning new healthy habits for the times that she would normally smoke.
Try to focus on other things. Like exercising or hanging out with friends that don't smoke. They will probably ease you off of smoking. Smoking can cause lung cancer, and that is why you want to stop, probably, right? There is a patch colored peach or clear and you can get it at drugstores such as CVS, Walgreens,etc Rite Aid,. You stick it on your arm and it helps stop the thought of smoking. Good Luck! I've been trying to get my dad to quit, but he won't. Hopefully you do.
Never quit on an empty pack! Keep the leftover pack in the drawer, so that you know they're there if you really, really need one... just resist smoking them. If you don't have any at all, you panic and go back to your regular smoking habit when you buy them.I still haven't quit yet either, but many friends and family members that have quit have given me this advice.Good luck and best wishes!
Don't panic sweety. See a doctor and combined with counseling you can beat nicotine.
I also had this problem. There is a medication that is being used that is very effective. You will need to see your healthcare provider for a prescription. The medication is called Chantix and you use it for 1 week or longer (which is decided by your physician) before quitting, it is a nicotine blocker and reduces your cravings and also leaves a bad taste in your mouth if you smoke. Good luck on quitting it is a battle but well worth it to quit if you can.
You have to be really ready , not just kinda sorta want to 'cause your Dr. says you should. That'll never work. Go visit the respiratory ward at your local hospital, those folks are kinda shut-in and would love some company . When you are ready try hypnosis. If not, - the progression is smoking- bronchitis, - emphyzema, -cancer,- death. Your choice.
Quit cold turkey. That is how I did it. One thing you can do, is to try not smoking for a few days, then get on an elevator with someone who just smoked. That might convince you to quit.
Which is more important to you, your health or a cigarette? Try getting some of that gum. You could also cut the amount you smoke down to 1/2 or whatever.
Good luck. I know how hard it can be, but it can be done. If you really want to quit, you will.
Me Too, it is so hard.
Here in the UK we are getting a ban on smoking in public places in July and this even includes my truck as it is a company vehicle. This is bonkers, however it should hopefully help me to give up.
Try and find something else to occupy your time when you would normally smoke, eat fruit and think of what you can do with the extra money. Good Luck.
cigarette smoking is actually two addictions, the nicotine tobacco addiction and also a psycological addiction that goes with it.The physical addiction is less after two weeks but the psycological addiction lasts longer. It is the need to feel like you need to do something with your fingers holding a cigarette and going out to the smoking area as a ritual habit. Expect to gain weight after quiting and in time you may likely hate being around people who smoke. It is such a wonderful life being without a cigarette addiction or any addiction. Reinforce all the positive aspects of quiting like better health, more savings from not buying cigarettes, no stinky clothes and no stinky body
I quit smoking cigarettes one at a time. If you tell yourself you are going to quit cold turkey it will make you panic. So, each time you have an urge to smoke just don't smoke that one. The urge will subside in about the time it takes to smoke one. Just keep doing that over and over and reward yourself in a couple of weeks with the money you saved by not buying cigarettes. Remember you can have one anytime you want but you choose not to have that one. Before you know it you will be smoke free for 12 years like me. Also I watched my Grandpa struggle to walk to the mailbox because he had emphazema.
self can do itmany does!
Put a little Crazy Glue on your lips ... you won't be able to get a cigarette in there ... no matter what you try! Before you know it ... Badda Bing ... you don't smoke any more!
stop smoking yesterday.....last week ...last month
this is part of the addiction this is why people never stop.. excape from your life u smoke cuss of things that trigger a earge to smoke go on a trip to the moutains far away from a store with no cigs! the best thing u can is ask for a gud frend to help u stop if u were my frend i would lock u up untill the first day or 2 was over...u have to understand why u smoke!!u started out of stress i am shuer when the nickoteen hits your brain it coats your pleashuer sensers when u get a natural high rather than feeling good witch relives stress u get a craving for more nickoteen and the cycle keeps going try the gum or the patch my grandma smoked her whol life cuss of that fear u r haveing her last days were spend gasping for air like a gold fish out of its tank
Its great you trying to quit, but it will only work no matter what if you take the gum or the pills you have to really want to quit and do better for yourself and others around you,i know its not easy i was in your place once but I'm now clean of smoking for about 4 years not one cig, i quit cold turkey when my dad almost died from enzyme sorry with the spelling if i spelled it wrong but that but a big scare in me he smoked for over 35 years and im 32 now with three kids of my own so i want to be there for them thats why i did it but i dont care what anybody says you have to do it for you and when your ready you will know.Good luck youll be fine just take one day at a time.
The best thing you can do for stop smoking is to get a hug, every time you want to smoke, or call someone who does not smoke like me, you can email me any time and i will type my but off to help you stop, I use to smoke and that's what help me in spite of me. and I didn't want to embarrass my self by running out of my mans house after he asked me wants wrong, so he gave a hug, and i cried and that helped, plus I was pregnant, so get a hug or call some one, email me, the answer is letting time go by without you noticing, that, you don't have a cigarette, I gotten rid of a lot stuff and don't forget to put GOD in.
You first have to be convinced you really wish to quit, otherwise, any excuse will serve to continue.Think of the negative aspects of smoking, which could be all since there is absolutely no good aspect or favorable factor.
Think like how other people see and smell you. Cigarrette smoke permeates your clothes, your hair, it stains your teeth and your fingers, not to mention white clothes, and it also causes halitosis, which is disgustingly bad breath. Many guys would not like to give you a kiss. Smoke stinks up your car and home big time.Negative health aspects, well take a handkerchief or a kleenex and exhale the cigarrete smoke through it. All that brown stuff that ends up there will give you an idea on the current state of your lungs.Cigarrete smoking also causes you to suffer colds, coughs and lowers your natural defenses. Heaven forbid that you need any kind of surgery because patients that smoke usually have a phlegm buildup that tends to cause problems. Forget about sports because smoking decreases your stamina. My father almost had a heart attack the day he tried to kneel down to look under a bookcase, he smoked three packs a day, I had never seen him so purple. He gave us a real bad scare. Walking short distances wiped him out, he was always gasping for breath.Remember that the tobacco industry lies to you consumers by claiming there is no evidence that cigarrete smoking is hazardous to your health. They just cover it up. Look up the movie with Russell Crowe and Michael Douglas about an ex tobacco industry employee that knows about the cover ups and the studies that prove the tobacco industry will say anything just so they can keep selling their stuff. Michael Douglas is the reporter trying to interview this guy. Great movie so you can see to what lengths businesses will go to just to keep going. Remember that no matter what the tobacco industry says, cigarrettes are addictive, like drugs on account of the nicotine. Do not look for a nicotine dependency, the idea is to kick it.No amount of aids like nicorette or any other thing will help if you are not convinced first. Once you are, get some help, find a support group and follow through.Think of your kids, some mommies smoke during pregnancy and their kids end up with problems. I am the child of two smokers and a passive smoker since conception. My legacy is colds, coughs, bronchitis, pneumonia, allergies and my eldest sister has asthma. Think about it.Good Luck
January 1, 2007 I decided to quit smoking. I've tried many times, and was successful for a few days...maybe even a week or two. But always.I went back, and it seemed as if I smoked even worse each time I returned. Finally frustrated at being told where and when I could smoke, tired of the smell in my car when I opened the door to go home each day, not to mention the expense I decided I was going to stop smoking, I didn't know how but there had to be something out there for me. ...Thanks to the constant advertising several evening I found a product called "COMMIT". February 1, 2007 I started their program and I quit. I mean I REALLY quit smoking!(I think it is manufactured by Nicorrette I'm not sure). I did as your friends suggested, kept what was left of my last pack of cigarettes. NOT because I was planning to smoke again.but because I was taking charge of my life...and not going to let anything as small as a cigarette control my life and my budget anymore. Each time I became frustrated I reached for that royal blue tube and popped a losenge saying to myself.and even sometimes out loud...(my kids, though proud of me, sometimes looked at me as if I had lost my mind, or had developed a second personality whom I was conversing with..Ha! )."I've COMMITTED to change and I'm doing it this time!" That may sound stupid.but it worked. Effective April 28th I have completed the COMMIT Program and am officially a nonsmoker. I know that just like alcoholism or drug addiction or improper diet I can always go back to smoking. But I feel that seeing the word COMMIT on that tube everytime I had the urge to quit helped to plant some seeds for change and encouragement for me that the gums, pills, or cold turkey never did. I won't lie to you, sometimes I walk by a smoking section and ahhhhhhhhhh that smell is so inviting. But it seems the minute my mind starts to wander I hear the word "commit" and then that urge just seems to pass. I replaced my leftover pack of cigarettes with a nitroglycerin key chain (2.00 Walmar) and store my leftover lozenges in case of an emergency. Hope this helps...
try cutting down slowly, and eventualy u will realize u dont need em!!
Hi there. I quit smoking just over 3 weeks ago. I decided to quit smoking because I was in general tired of feeling crappy all the time.
I have tried several times in my 10 years of smoking to quit, and I always caved in after a day or two...often times less.
The best, and truly easiest thing to do is simply QUIT. Don't buy the cigarettes, and if you don't have em, you can't smoke em.
Quittng is different for everyone. PErsonally, for me, it was easy to quit, but the side effects were tough to deal with. I was tired, yet unable to sleep. I was having tight feelings in my chest, which I am still actually having now, but they are going away.
My point is, quitting smoking isn't going to be easy. But, you have to put it in your head that it is better for your health, and your wallet, and JUST DO IT. There is no other way.
Best of luck to you!
This helped me and I have smoked for 10 years

Hi i know this sounds weird?

but i have a vibrating feeling like pins and needles in my bum what cud it be ?
It could be the result of a pinched (compressed) nerve in your spine.Odd sensations like you describe are also common in multiple sclerosis.
Are there any electrical items involved.
LOL.interesting question. Maybe you got some ants in your pants!
you have been sat down for too long or you may have piles!! see your gp!!
are you sitting on the washing machine/tumble dryer with your laptop?
no idea lovey if your serious, go see a doc %26 ask their opinion. unless you're joking of course.
i hope you're joking, as it sounds irritating.
Pop in to your local doctor.could be something serios, you never know...
pins %26 needles ? just a hunch !
it's because youve been sitting on a hard surface, or your @ss is getting squashed because of the way your sitting and the blood is betting cut off.
same feel too it is annoying
in your bum or just the cheeks.? Herpes can cause pins and needles sensation in a small amount of people with the disease, i have it and sometimes with no breakouts in and around my bum i get the touchy feely pins and needles feeling, also my uncles gets those feelings in his legs and the doctor gives him antibiotics when it happens
you've been sitting down for to long and your butt went to sleep
might want to see a neurologist...could be damage to your sciatic nerves
! sure you havent bruised your coccyx bone?
I have just read on line that it can occur late in pregnancy...eek! are you ?
could also be Sciatica

Hi i just fractured my wrist and its in a cast and was wondering how i coul heal it faster?

It'll surprise you how long healing can take, often several months. Ask your doctor for specific exercises you should do several times every day, while your wrist is still in the cast. When they take that cast off, ask whether you should get an X-ray to make sure the bones are where they should be. Then massage the broken part several times a day -- not just light massage either. Don't do it so hard it hurts, but press your other thumb into the broken spot and slowly knead it. That will help keep scar tissue from building up.Lost strength will be your second issue. When the cast comes off, try to use that hand as much as you did before. It'll almost hurt at first, but you need to get back that strength. Make a fist, then push against it in every direction (dynamic tension).Flexibility will be a third problem. After massaging your wrist, try to rotate your wrist in all directions a little further each time. After your hand and forearm regain more strength, you can slowly press your hand backward and side to side, to the edge of discomfort; then do the same pressing the other way.Mainly, your wrist will heal faster if you work it, not if you baby it.
Increase you intake of calcium.
Sorry. All bones take the same amount of time to heal--the
body can only work so fast at this. Takes 6-8 weeks.
If u sit doin absolutely nothin then it should heal faster because you are not disturbing the bone at all. However, your bones can only repair at a certain rate, so u cannot really make them fix quicker. However, try drinkin milk a lot more often, just a thought
You need more calcium. Either take some Vitamins or drink
more milk, eat cheese and other foods high in calcium content. It may not seem to heal faster but will heal better.
The bones won't heal faster, but rest your wrist, increase calcium, and vitamin D, increase protein in your diet, and eat healthy. Keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Avoid caffiene. Get plenty of sleep.All this stuff won't speed the healing process, but they will help prevent delays or complications in the healing process.
Taking calcium supplements. I know one Doctor here that recommends applying magnets to the fracture, and it should heal the fracture in half the time. Ask your Pharmacist, they have magnets available for different parts of the body like knees, he may have something for the wrist , and it will help relive pain also.

Hi i am living in Dubai i have got sweating and itching under my arm please help !?

Could be a fungal infection or some other kind of dermatitis
if the itching is in the armpits or any where else on your body
wash the area or soak in a tub of water and some white
vinegar,if you wash the area or soak in the tub don't put in too
much vinegar in the water,it may take a few washings to get rid of the itch.stinks a little ,but it works.

Hi everyone i have pain in my right shin it feels like someone is pouring something hot inside my leg( weird)?

My leg hurts like hell when i put weight on it can anyone help me please im in agony i had a knee replacement approx 4yrs ago could it be anything to do with this.cheers
Yes Barbara its more than likely and if your in pain you have the option of surgery before it closes 6.30 pm /A%26E at the hospital or email good luck and in the meantime leg up on pillow waist height
Check this link out huni and good luck
Could be what is known generally as "shin splints" which covers a multitude of ailments but is usually associated with muscle or tendon problems in the shin bone area.
I'd get this checked out straight away, I'm not a doctor but it sounds like a blood clot.Please get it looked at a.s.a.p

Hey. here's a question...If I take 'royal jelly' as a vitamin supplement-will bee's be attracted to me?

Im rather fearful of bee's but want to take royal jelly 'cuz of its health benefits-but this is keeping me from takin it..has ne1 heard of people being 'bothered' by bee's by taking this?
Don't take royal jelly unless you're know you aren't allergic to bees. As soon as royal jelly hits your bloodstream it will permeate your entire body and slowly start to exit through your epidermis. Bees are highly attracted to chemcial signatures in the air. Any bees near you will easily detect the "pheremone" signature you start to exude shortly after digesting royal jelly. Once the bees realize that you're nothing more than a soft, fleshy fake of the real thing they're after, they'll start to mercilessly sting you in a suicidal frenzy.Best,
Willheim H. Hogglesbottom
Professor of Specious Entomology
The answer is No and you will be wasting your money.
That would not be a problem I can promise you.

HEY! PLEASE ANSWER! In regards to my previous question.10 points best answer!!`?

Previous question was:
Ok so I have chronic lower back pain and was given Percocet at the Er. I'm going to a dr. appointment and it will be her first time seeing me.will she probably follow up with the same meds, seeing as they have been the only thing so far to relieve my pain.Or do you think she will make me try something weaker, which I have tried all over the counter pain meds, Flexeril and Skelaxin and they didn't work
I want to know if there is anyone else who asked their dr for a specific med and got it without being looked at funny. I'm honestly worried they will think I'm just lookin to get high off them. But I am sincere and they really do work for me. Please just let me know how to talk to the dr and how it worked out for you.
Hon, I am a chronic pain sufferer (severe Fibromyalgia from 2 back to back accidents 5 yrs. ago, and now have been diagnosed with MS as well) so I know what you are talking about. Firstly, let me tell you that I am not on this site to collect points. To have someone give me a "best answer" doesn't make my day; what does make my day though is if I am able to help someone, who seems to be in real pain and is in need of an answer. OK? I am on a lot of meds. to include opiates, as well as Soma (a muscle relaxer that works for me). If the percocet really does help you, be honest with the doctor you are about to see. Explain your circumstances and if you feel that he/she thinks you are a "drug seeker" switch doctors. Pain Management is your best choice, as they are very knowledgeable, have extensive training and experience. Do not listen to the negative comments you are about to encounter. There are always those who think that you just want, but not need certain meds. Shrug it off and don't let it affect you. Trust me, I have encountered many people like that and you'll just end up doubting yourself and fall into a depression. I was lucky enough to find a good doctor and he understands fully what is going on with me. I have been referred to Pain Management, but being on Medicare, it's difficult to find a good one around my area. I am, in fact, bedridden, due to my dibilitating condition. Don't despair or lose hope. If Percocet helps you then make this clear to your doctor. If you need to talk, pls. don't hesitate to look me up and I'll talk you through it. I hope and pray that you can be helped and find the right doctor; however, it may take some time. Lower back pain is one of the most common problems in pain management all around the world, for the lower back is what "carries" your body. Have you tried physical therapy? How about moist heat? In my case it's too late for all of those, actually, I have tried it all but it might just help you. Everyone reacts differently to treatment and/or medication. And just for the record, yes, the more opiates you take, the more you are going to end up needing. It's a hellish circle but with the help fo the right doctor, you can at the least get some relief from your pain. Also, ask for an MRI to rule out bulged or damaged discs. Like I said, if you ever need someone to talk to, I promise, I'll be here and answer as openly and truthfully as I can. To live with daily pain is aweful and I am so sorry that you are experiencing it but I am very sincere in my answers. Again, don't even listen to those negative people on here that make you sound like you are a pain pill seeking "junkie". Most of them have no clue what they are talking about until they "walk a mile in your shoes" they should just keep their nasty comments to themselfs. Please, please, don't even give them a second thought. You'll always run into people like them. But there are also some real nice people here that really do try and help. Take good care of yourself and I hope and pray that you find relief and a good physician. Sincererly, MsB.
i dont think there is an actual solution to lower back pain.try homeopathetic medicines and medical massage^^.
She will probably give you something weaker. You can doctor shop like Rush Limbaugh and eventually find a doctor who will prescribe you what you want. However, I think you can approach it subtlety to your doctor if she gives you weaker meds by telling her how much pain you are in, assuming you are still in pain, right? Unfortunately, people do lie to get painkillers, so don't be surprised if the doctor is cautious about giving them to you.
it depends on how long you ben on them,if you been on them a while he won't give it to you,have you tried Aleve,Tylenol arthritis strength,Motrin,even a strong Ibuprophen? thes are better than drugs yu can get addicted to and have long term after affects.
The doctor will assess your information, such as job, family life %26 make an educated %26 experienced assumption of your intentions. If your doctor suggests not staying with the percocet, tell her that you will not take anything else. Do research on the other pills you have tried. For example, I am diabetic %26 have neuropothy. My doctor wanted to put me on neurontin... but I did research on it %26 found out that a huge amount of ppl who took neurontin were commiting suicide.I went back to my doctor %26 told him that I am a family man with 2 beautiful kids %26 a great job and a nice life with a great future... i will not abuse the drug... but i refused to take neurontin. He felt my sincerity, and prescribed me vicodin.That was 3 years ago. He now trusts anything I say because I proved myself to be mature enough to handle the vicodin without abusing it. He prescribes me vicodin anytime I ask him for it.You have to earn the doctors trust because their livelihood is on the line everytime they prescribe a drug that can be abused or sold to an abuser for profit.Hope this helps.Enjoy your day!
There is a possibilty that she will give you something weaker. But if you feel that percocet is the only thing that relieves the pain inform her that you have tried other meds and percocet is the only things that allows you to function throughout the day without pain. If you tell her that she may keep you on it. It always depends on the doctor though, some are super cautious and start with the weakest medicine and go up...Good Luck.
i have to agree with descar...somethingsomethingwha... Unfortunatly they MAY perscribe a higher dosage and thats determined on you pain tolerance at this time...weither its gotten better or worse
Pain pills only "mask" the problem. Request an MRI be done to diagnose what type of back problem you are having and location. Mention to the doctor the severity of the pain you are in and the doctor will prescribe accordingly...
Try 600 mg of Motrin, then 800 mg of Motrin. Best thing for lower back pain is 15 to 30 minutes using a very warm moist heating pad. The kind that produces its own moisture. The doctor doesn't know which meds work best for you, only you know which ones do. Take the ER paperwork with you showing the meds you're taking now..An orthopedic sports medicine doctor listens to what works best for you. Ask for a script for your meds with 3 refills.
It just depends on the doctor and how you present your case. Most doctors I work with will listen to the patient as far as what they've already tried, what does and does not work, and what is currently working really well. Tell him clearly that Percocet is the only thing thus far that you've found to relive your pain. If he is compassionate, he will listen. If he is suspicious, you may not get what works for you. Good luck.
Back, neck and leg pains affect all people..usually adults.
hav you ever had any such pain in ur child hood the answer should be no i guess..
so wt happened..its basically wear and tear of ur muscles..
wear and tear mean u r not using ur muscles properly. u hav mentioned u go 2 the gym but i suggest you to do afew regular exercises at will defenitely solve ur problem
i can tell it from my experience.
include more vegetables in ur diet make fruits a must in ur diet and find out which physical exercises can help u strengthen ur muscles..i never recomend those u do in a gym and not lifting of weight. it helps to strengthen ur muscles but at this stage u need some other ones that are 2be specific to those muscles which are worn down
Another important thing is check ur matress and ur chair u sit in ur office..
the matress should be firm..try sleeping on the floor use a blanket or something for a few days..and walk regularly for 30 min every day..hope u will be fine in a month..
u may need some calcium and a natural some reserch online and look for some simple exercises involving only u not any gadgets..cheers
Do not specifically ask for a drug by name. Rather, you should act ignorant about it and just tell her the doctor gave you something like (mispronounce name or bring empty bottle in) this seems to work pretty good. This way she doesn't think your an expert at this. If she gives you something weaker like darvocet wait a 1 1/2 to 2 days and complain it's making you sick.
Don't ask for more, just let her know what you have tried and that the Percocet worked. You may have to be referred to a pain management specialist if you need to be on chronic narcotics, as primary care doctors are reluctant to prescribe narcotics for long periods of time. They get little training in pain and its effects and look at it as a symptoms rather than a disease in and of itself. Pain Management docs get extensive training in treating pain and know and understand that pain is a disease that can be as deadly as cancer. Like I said, explain to her what you have tried in the past, take your bottle of Percocet from the ER with you, and tell her that it worked for you. She will make a determination as to the best course of action. You might want to look into pain clinics anyway if Percocet works best for you.Also, DO NOT listen to the answerer who said to ask for refills, as first of all, Schedule II drugs CANNOT have refills written on the original prescription. You must go to the doctor for a new prescription each time. Second of all, if you ask for a specific narcotic and refills, then you really will look like a junkie.

Hey i run a mile once in a while well after the run i feel good but my legs are blazing with pain help please?

what im sayin is that ill run and then like the next day my legs will hurt between my foot and knee i guess they call it schins well myne hurt and i dont know why please help?
You can't only run once in a while and not experience pain. You have to run through it. I've been running since highschool and if I go a month without running I'll be sore for the next 2 days. That's just how it works. If you want to run on a daily basis, then that's what you have to do. After a week or so your legs will be use to running and won't get sore anymore.
They hurt because your muscles aren't used to running. Be sure you're stretching before and after you run, and you should also exercise on a regular basis, not just "once in awhile."
While I do not profess to be in the medical profession, I have experienced this type of pain you speak of on occasion.You mentioned that you run "once in awhile". That is the key comment that you made. If you are not running on a regular basis...let's say, for instance, 3 times a week, your muscles are going to feel soar. You haven't used those particular muscles for awhile.I belong to two gyms. One is for a daily cardio workout, and the other is for the use of the treadmill once a week. One night I went and got on the treadmill for an hour straight. I was "fast walking" not running. I felt great and full of energy afterwards, but all night while I slept, I was experiencing leg cramps, like you speak of. I hadn't been on the treadmill for a few weeks at that time, and I think I pushed myself.
The pain went away, thank goodness, and now I don't push myself quite that hard when I go.You are also may be running on concrete or aspahlt. You have to invest in a good pair of running (tennis) shoes. They may be expensive, but worth it in the long run. It will help to avoid the "shock" your feet experience on the surface you are running on. Go to your local mall or sporting good store to inquire. While running is a great form of exercise, and also a great way to loose weight and/or inches, it can be hazardous, if you have any leg or knee health issues.Try running on a more regular basis and not quite so vigorously, when you get to feeling better.Good luck. It's great that you are taking care of your health.
My suggestion to you is buy yourself a pair of support socks and put them on every time you head out for your run. You will find that there will be no more pain. And this will also prevent you from getting blood clots or varicoses veins at an early age.

Hey i have a question?

okay i know this may seem weird my like my left underarm always itches.and its not like i have bad hygiene i bathe everyday and wear deodorant .. does anyone else have this? what causes it and stuff like that would be much appreciated.thnks
Switch off your deodorant, it's a rather common side-affect to certain chemicals in that stuff, if your using anti-perspirant, it probably contains Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohyedrex, which often irritates the skin. I noticed someone mentioned the likelihood of cancer.. This is ridiculous, if you thought every itch, bump or hair was cancer then most of us would never leave the doctors office.
try not to scratch it too much.. you may be getting irritation from the deodorant.. try switching and see if that helps..
this itch could be caused by a fungus ,,or you could have lice under your armpits,,they are attracted to hair,,also a bump or boil would itch,,,,have it checked by a doctor,,,you could be having early cancerous symptoms
First of all I think you should switch deodorant because that might be causing the problem. Your armpit is probably having a reaction to it. One other reason is you could have gotten a bite from something there but there just isnt any mark but there could be a mark and you just cant see it like a little bump.

Hey eye?

i think i have pink eye, but no one will belive me. how long untill you eye becomes noticbly red? its super itchy and swollen and red now but my mom thinks its because i went swimming yesterday.
"Pink eye" is the layman's term for conjunctivitis - a fancy way of saying "irritated eyes". Pink eye can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or even allergies. Every time I had pink eye, my eye was red and itchy and I would have yellow stringy mucus pile up in the corners of my eyes. My lashes would be matted together each morning as the mucus would dry on my lashes. If pink eye is caused by bacteria or viruses, it is EXTREMELY contagious. It can be spread to your other eye by scratching and spread to other people by their coming into contact with a towel or pillow you've used or by touching a surface after you touched it with contaminated fingers. Antibiotic eyedrops are available from your doctor, but antibiotics aren't needed if your case is due to allergies.Perhaps you came into contact with an allergen during swimming? Or perhaps bacteria from the swimming water may have infected your eye? If you have the symptoms I am describing, ask to see the doctor. If it's just allergies, it will clear up in about 3-5 days. Over-the-counter eye drops are available for itchy eyes, and they will help give you some relief.
it may be from the chlorine, put wet warm tea bags on your eyes. If you still wake up and have crusty eyes you have pink eye
Cal the pharmacy, the pharmacist can tell you exactly what to buy off the counter. If it doesn't go away in so many days ask the phamacist how many. You will need to go to the doctors.
Well maybe mom is right. If you have some vaseline at home you can put this on. Just a very little bit on your finger and rub over your eye lashes. It will melt into your eye and feel great immediately. It is perfectly safe. I have used this 100s of times even on babies eyes when they get all sticky from a cold. Hope you have some, if this itch is just from chlorine it will go away right away with moisture from the vaseline. Good Luck to you. Hope this works. Give it a try.
This doesn't sound like pink eye. Redness is usually one of the first signs. If you start to leak a whitish liquid out of the corners of your eyes or if you wake up with your eyes crusted shut (sorry, it's gross), then I would be concerned about pink eye. If you do have pink eye, make sure you get to a doctor soon. It's very contagious until you've been on medication (usually eyedrops) for 24 hours.
Does your eye have crusty stuff that makes your eye sticky.If so you possibly have pink eye.Other wise it could be the chlorine in the pool water.
The symptoms of pink eye happen very quickly, and they are always the same: pink or red sclera, swelling, itchy, and lots of green/yellow pus, especially in the morning (so much so that your eyelids may be matted shut when you wake up in the morning).

Hey guys, i need ur help. Im writing a report about hospital design but cant reach to JCIA standards pls help.

I need a website or a book that shows these standards.
Try searching JCIA. or try this link... this one ... will take you to PDF documents which outline acreditation requirements.

Hey guys! and gals! I really need your help. I was recently diagnosed with a lumbar disc bulge?

along with fibromalgia and my doctor began giving me injections in my back, 3 total within 3 months but now the pain is WORSE and I have to take pain meds on a daily basis. Anybody have the same experience or am I just trippin.
I just went through back surgery in September '06, i had a lumbar spinal fusion because of Spondylolisthesis (one of my vertebrea was pushed in 50% towards my abdomen), 2 of my disc were completely worn away to the point where i was rubbing bone. I will tell you this personally...i would do what you can, rehab, whatever it takes before you choose the option of surgery. You do not realize the pain of recovery coming out of a back surgery. I should be pass the pain stage as of now, and i am not. Now i do not know if part of that is mental (dependent on pain meds), or if it is physical, but there is definte pain. I am not saying that the Dr. didnt do his job, because i believe he did, if anything else is wrong i believe it has to do with my recovery, because i didnt follow his instructions to the T, it is hard to sit still.
My advice is if you are not pleased with what he is doing, or telling you, then seek another doctor. There are great doctors out there...sometimes you get lucky. If you were in the Houston area i could give you a great name, he is one of the top in the city. I hope this helps.
It might be time to have a surgeon look at your MRI. Injections are conservative therapy. If they don't work, or make it worse, you should stop getting them and move on. Have you tried physical therapy? That's another conservative choice.
The pain is not from the injections it is from the injections not working. Go back to your orthopedic doc to see what his next recommendation is and then consider seeing a pain management doctor.
Just a suggestion:Try getting a second opinion from a chiropractor; you could receive more benefit from that than you may realize.
i work in radiology so i see this alot delaing with the doctors who do this all the time. there is nothing wrong with the injections. they do work, but only for so long thats why the pain comes back and is so much worse than before. keep taking the medicine that your doctor prescribe you. give it another month or two of taking your medicine when you are supposed to. if the pain persists, then get a second opinion and see if surgery is an option and get some info on the type of surgery that they would perform. but make sure you research surgery before commiting to it.
You should ask your doctor about going to physical therapy. Physical therapy can help you with your back by strengthening your core muscles to support your back and educating you on daily things you should and shouldn't be doing. Also it can help with your Fibromyalgia, which is definitely not helping your back issue.
I have a bulging disc in my back too, but instead of the shots they sent me to physical therapy. That seems to be helping out a lot. However, the pain gets worse after I am on my feet all day bending over again and again (I work in a restaurant at night) and my pain killers suck. Urg. So, I am going to keep up with the P.T. It has helped out a lot.

Hey girls,what do like about men??

I am still trying to figure that out.
Being clean is a plus...Make sure he has the great facial features so your kids wont be ugly...The need for money sure helps so Make sure he has a math mind and a education...cant have fun out of bed if not ...interlectual at the social graces...gentlemen with big Hands...Yes hands bigger than ours...The clean cut of their clothes that are fitted and a fit body inside...muscles...O great looks, mind , physical, gentle kind and able to lead to be a leader and a good gift of being a great father figure and able to stand legal and no game criminal...Kind to old men children old ladies and puppy dogs and cats...Not a cry baby...It may hurt like hell but he holds it together to be a hero but if he does have a sense to love God and Country...Hey
Thumbs UP
Pretty much everything except the eye-rolling.y'know, when we are trying to "talk" about stuff, and expect to be listened to...
the way they can make me laugh
My attraction to men are the fact that they are MEN (not just talking about what's in the shorts, people.) The best men are the ones that take charge, are out for a greater good or goal, and are proud of who they are and what they can do with their hands as well as their minds. I like a man that is rational, black and white at times, to lean on. He is supposed to be the rock and the stability in hard times. By all means, cry and have emotion, but only to the woman most worthy of letting your guard down. That doesn't include your mother, sorry. ;)
What I like is a good personality,Job secure,looks,upper body,package of course,affectionate.

Hexavalent chromium?

I work at a chemical plant in wilmington,NC contractor. Yesterday I was carried out by ambulance. Tongue swelling and burning extremely bad right eye started watering really bad. This happened shortly after eating lunch in an exposed area in a tent with sides open. Here's the catch not allergic to nothing. Working in new construction next to old section of existing plant that was in a shut down. With people breaking lines and hydroing them out. Got any answers. tks thomas
Workers who breathe hexavalent chromium compounds at their jobs for many years may be at increased risk of developing lung cancer. Breathing high levels o hexavalent chromium can irritate or damage the nose, throat, and lungs. Irritation or damage to the eyes and skin can occur if hexavalent chromium contacts these organs in high concentrations or for a prolonged period of time.

Herniated Disc Surgery?

My dad has been in construction for 30+ years and it has finally taken his toll on him. He has had back problems for years, and has been going to the chiropractor for 9+ years too. He has had the epidermal shots, which had no effect at all. He has done acupuncture, seen neurosurgeons, got one of those things that makes him hang upside down, and none of it works for him.He doesn't like taking all of the pain killers, and is nervous about back surgery. Is it safe? I realize theres always chance of something going wrong, but really how often.Thanks so much for any advice
The fear of something going wrong in disc surgery, is not based in real facts.
There are several methods, (incresing temperature of the disc with a probe, extracting the center of the disc or nucleus pulposus with a thick needle, under local anesth, andsedation etc)
Open surgery, is still the mainstay of treatment,
Neurosurgery will be the best choice, since it is designed to identify and spare the nerve structures, and extract only the cartilage (disc) that presses on the nerves.
If made and performed by a qualified neurosurgeon, the chances of success, are above 82%.
Remember, there can be more than one disc herniated, however, in qualified hands, it is extremely safe
No, it is NOT SAFE. Keep going to acupucture, chiropractor (here in Dallas, there are many doctors that do both) until he just doesn't want to live anymore, and then you do surgery.
as long as he dosnt lift anything heavy he'll be ok
Safe or not, sometimes it is necessary to have the fragments of the disc removed by surgery. These bits if get embedded in the spinal cord, causes excruciating pain. This cannot be treated by exercises or any other form of treatment except surgery.
Surgery as such is a safe procedure, however, the doctor is the best judge. Age definitely matters.
my husband suffering from the same problem.he has taken abt 4 steriod shots but doesnt work.Finally,the Surgeon advised him go for nerve ablation.This surgery is very much safer than disc replacement.(I have read one of the answeres posted that disc replacement doesnt help much).nerve ablation kind of painful surgety where he has to be at home rest for a abt a month or 2.well,we are not sure if the nerve ablation works as its just been 2 weeks now he was out of the hospital.
Things go wrong often I feel. Just a few questions forward you will find one about a failed fusion which has several , it happened to me too, answers. I have three friends who had it and none of them are any better and two are worse. I have three herniated discs myself but am not a surgical candidate as I have many other spine problems and nerve damage but if offered the opportunity I would not take it. I am 47 and have been dealing with it since 1979.

Herniated disc at work?

I went to my therapy today and the therapist said the insurance just authorized two visits an I have an herniated disc in my back because of an accident at work I had, the insurance and the companys dr the one from the panel they are just in an agreement so that they dont give me treatment or physical therapy we are talking of an herniated disc not just a slight back pain I feel pin in my back. But I have changed drs twice what can I do?
Many times, insurance companies will approve just one or two for the eval, and for one treatment since many times these things will get better with continuation of a home exercise program...however, most people do require additional visits. You will probably be approved for more visits. The therapist just needs to document to the physician if more visits are needed and would be beneficial so more visits can be authorized.
I hope you filed for disability through work. They should get you more treatments. You could file against your job. Talk to a lawyer.
a herniated disc is something that needs to be taken care of. i had the same problem as dr. told me to get a lawyer,or i would be fighting this for years. i got one and he had an appointment for surgery with in two weeks. i can't believe how they let you hurt,because no one wants to employers,of course,thought i was terrible. i never wanted it to happen,and i wish i was at work today.but because i was put off so long,i just had my 3rd surgery 2 weeks ago. age is one factor with an attorney.he said if i was in my early twenties,he wouldn't take me.they think your looking for a disability at such a young age. it's been 3 years since i had to leave my my attorney says nobody will hire me because of my age and i am a liability to any one who would hire me. good luck to you.don't give up. nobody cares if your back hurts.they don't believe it. if your mri's and ct scans clearly show a problem,fight for what you deserve.
Your primary treating physician has to request for you more therapy in his reports, make sure you ask him. If insurance still does not allow it, then ask your attorney to send you to Qualified Medical Evaluator or an Agreed Medical Provider. If these doctors say, you need more treatment then the insurance company has to abide. And, if you don't have an attorney yet, make sure you get one soon. These insurance companies are like vultures.

Hernia's and Insurance?

My husband has had a hernia for about 15 years with no doctors ever looking at it. Is this considered a pre-existing condition? We got insurance a few months ago but, I'm kind-of scared they aren't going to cover it? Any help?
You have to find out just what is covered and what isn't.Do not go about it half informed, it may blow up in your face.
CALL them and talk to them. Sometimes a procedure has to be pre-approved, and only the dr can get that.
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Hernia questions?

I had hernia (inguinal) about a year ago this coming May. In the last few days, I am getting a "poking/slight burning" sensation when I bend forward or cough. I don't know what it is. I am wondering what could possibly be happening a year later? i am starting to feel some groin discomfort as well. Any thoughts? ThanksMS
It sound like either your previous hernia slightly reopened or you got a new small one. I have a hernia now and it is my first time, and am schuduled a few weeks from now for surgery too. Those are the same symptoms that I have also.

Hernia question?

How do you get a hernia? ive heard that if you get kicked in the balls you could get one. what does a hernia do? is it that bad?
I have one. When a weakening of the abdominal wall occurs through strenuous activity, or just a genetic condition exists, a break allows part of the intestine to protrude Being kicked in the "family jewels" would result in a hernia, only if it was sufficient enough to cause the rip. Ask a doctor!

Hernia and jogging?

i think i have a hernia,i went to the docs and he said its a muscle injury and i didnt need an unltrasound,i have a discomfort feeling in my groin and a bit lower and a bit of a sharp pain in my groin,it felt better a few days ago and i went to a jog today and feels worse do u think i have a hurnia and is jogging bad if i do have one? if i had a hernia in my groin would the testicle on that side have discomfort and would it hurt as a result of the hernia?
Answer: has a great deal of information that you could use to find your answers , while is more likely to be better for people's opinions.. thanks.

Hemorroids cause abdominal cramping?

I was just wondering if anyone knows or has experienced abdominal cramping with hemorroids. I seems to experience it after a bowel movement or when i am out running/walking. Is this normal? I wish i never aquired the darn things caused by pregnancy. Also any suggestions to help rid of them or lessen the pain?
I have been a medic for nearly 28 years...I am not a Doc, but I cannot relate hemorrhoids to abdominal cramping. Please go see your MD, you require further eval.
Hemorroids can cause bleeding and abdominal pain. You should go see a doctor to see what it is.

Hematoma to seroma?

I had a bad hematoma under my left armpit. It has gone down, but now there is pain on the side of my left breast and it feels filled with fluid, is hot, and burns to the touch. Could the excess fluid from the hematoma have now formed a seroma?
It is possible, but you should really contact a doctor. You may have a bad infection. Good Luck!

Hematoma and blood clot?

i got hurt in a softball game and the doctor said i had a hematoma (im not sure how to spell that) I know it's just a really really bad bruise, and now i got a big blood clot. It's on my leg. The doctor said just to soak in it warm water, but is there anything i could do to help it feel a lot better, cause it hurts really really bad and i want to play softball on monday
A hematoma, or haematoma, is a collection of blood, generally the result of hemorrhage, or, more specifically, internal bleeding. Hematomas exist as bruises (ecchymoses), but can also develop in organs.Hematomas can gradually migrate, as the effused cells and pigment move in the connective tissue. For example, a patient who hurts the base of his thumb might cause a hematoma which will slowly move all through the finger within a week. Gravity is the main determinant of this process.Hematomas on articulations can reduce mobility of a member and present roughly the same symptoms as a fracture.Try ice fomentation, it helps. Use any anticoagulant cream or gel. It will dissolve the haematoma away. Here in India, we get an ointment called Thrombophob it is a fast acting ointment and dissolves minor haematomas really fast.
Check the brand name for this anticoagulant ointment in your medicine dispensing stores.
If it gets too painful then go to the hospital.
Follow your physician's directions on this. It is important. I did not apply heat or cold to mine when I plowed into a picnic table 17 years ago, and it healed funny, and the muscle still hurts.
If you ignore it it may not go away. Also, you're not going to play softball on Monday.

HELPPPPPPPP please !!?

my parents wont take me seriously.
i am on muscle relaxers.
it hurst REALLY bad.
i dont know what to do.
If your back is seriously hurting you, and your doctor wont listen to you, find another one. If that one won't listen or can't find a problem, find another one. Back pain can be the result of so many things. For example, a friend had a car accident. A pretty bad one. He had back pain, really severe pain. He went to one Dr. Just gave him pain meds. He went to another one, sent him for an MRI, showed nothing, more pain meds. He went to another one, he did a different type of MRI where you sit. That dr found that his back had been broken in 4 places that did not show on the normal MRI. He is now disabled. Never give up. I almost died because a Dr. told me I didn't have gall bladder problems. I was given a 10% chance to survive surgery, but my will is strong and Allah was not ready for me to go. So I made it. Never take one Dr's opinion if it doesn't help. If you go to a few and they all tell you the same thing, try a pain clinic. Not drugs. They only mask the problem. Not solve it. I would try anything I could to make it go away. I have rheumatoid arthritis in my back, so back pain is an every day thing for alot of us out there. You'll find the right one. God willing.
need more information please.
relax and dont lie on your back try on your side or stomach! if you have a school nurse go 2 her when u can!
be proactive, if they won't take you, go to the doctor. Back pain is a symptom of many different things. You shouldn't just ignore it
Go see your friendly local practioner, it's that easy!
Get to a chiropractor - your parents should not assume that nothin can be wrong with your back just because you're young.
i think you should relax and lay back or fall asleep.
Put some ice over your back and try using lonol cream.
When you go to school, complain to the school nurse. Also tell the nurse that your parents won't take your complaint seriously.
sounds like you are fibbing to us!
A young girl (16 years old) I work with was off work a couple of days because of a pulled muscle in her back. She couldn't straighten up when it first happened.There are all kinds of things that could be causing your back to hurt (pulled muscle, slipped disc, etc...). Your parents should take you to a chiropractor. Chiropractors do accept insurance.For muscle soreness %26 tightness do some stretches and use a heating pad. If there is inflamation use an ice pack. These are things I do for my back. As well as using pain medication. I also go to the chiropractor for back adjustments.WebMD is a good place to go to check things out.

HELP?!! Am I having a stroke?

I have had tingling in my chin for about a day now, happens about once every couple of hours, headache that doesn't hurt that bad, and sore eyes, able to play video games, walk, read , and watch T.V without severe pain. I just want to know if this is a stroke, or a migraine or something else.** headache started next day chin tingling still comes and goes once in a while and i am 13.
***For the record i do have a broken collarbone
I did answer this earlier but you didn't mention the broken collarbone, remember I asked if you'd had a neck injury? You are probably dealing with some pinched nerves in the neck area. Again let your Dr. know about any new or worsening symptoms.
It might be connected to your clavical fracture, from being in the cast and therefore having limited movement. Let your mom know about this, and she can call the doctor and ask if you need to go in..
Two quick checks for stroke (which is virtually unheard of in someone your age): try sticking your tongue straight out. If it veers to the side, stroke. Also, try raising both arms over your head---if impossible, ditto...I have a feeling it has to do more with your break and the way your body is compensating for it in other areas. Good luck.
you already asked this question, so i already answered it.
it would be rare for a healthy 13 yr old to have a stoke...i think it's probably injured nerves or something from your broken collarbone...i'm not a doctor should consult yours just to make sure. best of luck.
13 is pretty young for a stroke , although it can happen. do this, call 911 and tell them you'de like to get a BP chk as your concerned about some issues. it is possible that your broken collarbone could be touching or pinching a partof the CNS. thus producing the tingling sensation. but its best chk with a emt for starters,,,its free. they are at the firestations.ok?, GO!

HELP..Bad Headaches Almost daily...?

the past few months I have been getting bad piercing headaches where any Noise no matter how loud or quiet just makes my headaches 10xs worse...I have been taking Excerdin Tension and Migraine...and Now it takes me about 2 hours before i can fall asleep at night..even with taking a sleep aid...and now I havent been hungry at all lately..I have to force myself to eat something..weird symptons any Ideas though?
I know exactly how you feel. These same symptoms happened to me too. However, I am no doctor and I think a doctor would best answer your question. It is your health you are asking about and even the smallest symptoms can mean the biggest health problems and different cases can have the same symptoms yet are diagnosed something totally different. Just for information my problem was mainly stress, worries, and then started to become depression. I was just stressed out all the time and I didn't even realize it. The changes in life I had never before experienced where just overwhelming for me. Then I began to worry about everything...what if this or if I would have done that, etc. The doctor prescribed me some medication to take and recommended I go see a psychologist but I am not into the thought of having to take pills everyday for who knows how long and I wasn't about to go talk to some stranger about my life that I should be able to handle myself. So I guess that was the motivation I needed to get myself together and deal with life's changes and not worry about everything so much.But seriously you need to talk to your doctor because it could be something very very very serious. Good Luck and I hope you get back to feeling better soon!
I had the exact same thing happen to me and my doctor said it was stress. I did not realize how much stress I was under unitl he explained it to me. I had to take something called Topamax for migraines and tension headaches.
you need to see the doctor and figure out the problem i feel your pain i started getting bad migraines all of a sudden there doing test now and the doctor told me it could be from several things stress, change in eating habits,not enough rest, so on and so forth i recommend getting that checked out
Could it be something you are eating or drinking that gives you these headaches? Maybe you are allergic to something.
It could be stress or dehydration. I used to suffer with headaches and it was dehydration so I make sure I drink plenty everyday.if it's stress then I guess relaxing or maybe talking to someone will help, I usually just sort through things logically in my head and it seems to make me feel better, lists too. Yoga is supposed to be good for relieving stress, right?
Oh, I'm sorry. It sounds like migraine. You should go to a doctor, though, since it started suddenly a few months ago. He/she will want to do an MRI to make sure everything is okay. I have been a migraine sufferer for years and I can tell you that the best thing for me, after years of pain pills and trying everything under the sun that might cure the headaches, was to quit all the pain relievers. Since I did that the headaches have decreased in frequency and severity by about 75%. Your body becomes used to the pain relievers and you get rebound headaches. Once you quit the pain relievers, your body relearns to how to deal with and even prevent the headaches from happening.
The other thing I have tried that works is a product called Headache Stay Gone. I just started it this weekend and it has stopped 2 headaches within an hour. It is all natural. It works by strengthening the blood vessels in your head. You don't even have to pay for it until you have found out if it works for you!
I hope you get some relief. Take care.
Don't just talk to him make him scan your head My brother in law had a head ache for 1 year and one day a aneurysm busted he was home alone but stayed with it long enough to call 911 He lived but it was a miracle

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