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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can i exfoliate my lips?

I can't think of any ingredients you can use at home other than vaseline. I use Blistex, the herbal one that's trasparent light green. I works wonders with chapped skin and softens the rough skin in about 20 minutes and just wipe off the skin with a napkin and then put more on. Vaseline will also help but the blistex has chamomile, jojoba oil and avocado oil.
Ask the Ladies at Sephora counter. They have kits for lips. My wife bought one there and her lips are the best!
my advice is to moisturise it every now and then, particularly before u sleep. U will notice your lips tend to look pouter and softer within days if you moisturise it diligently. For exfoliation u can use an old toothbrush by gently scrubing ur lips to get rid off the flaky old skin and apply lip balm right afterwards. U can also try St Ives Apricot Scrub to scrub your lips.

How can I do a Back Handspring?

This is impossible!! I've tried going into a backbend and then kicking over put I just fall on my head. Everytime I try I fall on my head. HELP!
You literally should be just jumping backwards into a handstand. Do NOT try this at home. You need a spotter or you can hurt your neck very seriously.In the meantime there are some drills you can work on at home:
i have to ask why you would want to.

How can I destress at the end of a day?

I watch children in my home during the week and I seem to have a hard time relaxing at the end of each day. I tried Yoga but that doesn't seem to work, HELP
Try a relaxting tape or cd.. learn to meditate. My doctor taught me self hypnosis .It works. Read the Power of positive Thinking. And other books by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.. Change you thinking,Change your Life .
bubble bath,candles,and a book, or some relaxing music
Go for a walk by yourself..take a hot bubble bath..curl up on the couch with a good book..or there's always the good old destresser: a nice glass of red wine!
An ice cold Newcastle. (beer)
I get in my hot tub when I'm stressed it works well maybe you should try that.

How can i deal with shoulder bursitis?

i've gotten the cordizone shot but it isn't helping
You need to be sure that it is bursitis and not a damaged rotator cuff. A fluid filled bursis can be drained with a thin hypodermic, by your doctor. A rotator cuff will only improve with surgery. If the bursis is not improved by corticosteroids, and a draining doesn't help, then it also will require surgery. The newer microsurgical techniques have a much faster rate of recovery.
I have this too, and when you rest, and dont do what it is that is causing it, the pain will lighten up. Whatever it is that is causing it, cleaning, exercise, work, take breaks from the movement that you are doing. switch sides or something ever now and then.otherwise, go back to the Dr. there are other causes, somtimes it can be a bacteria that is causing it and only antibiotics will cure it.
Bursitis often affects the areas around the joints in your shoulders, elbows or hips. But you can also have bursitis by your knee, heel and even in the base of your big toe. Bursitis pain usually goes away within a week or so with proper treatment, but recurrent flare-ups of bursitis are common and can be frustrating. More at 1st link below.Know the potential benefits and risks of cortisone shots - more at 2nd link

How can I deal long-term with sinus headaches?

A couple of weeks ago a regular headache progressed across 4 days until I was in so much pain I was crying, could hardly move. Went back and forth to the doctors and eventually A%26E, they all thought it was sinusitis, but took until I got to A%26E to get decent pain relief. I also had a weeks course of antibiotics which I took.One week later I got another severe headache (worse than migraines which I have suffered from before) which was exactly like the previous one, had to take paracetamol, codeine, diclofenac and tramadol to shift it.It's now 4 days later and it's killing me again. I've taken codeine but feel no better so will have to take tramadol soon which makes me feel like a zombie.What can I do to deal with this long-term? I can't keep knocking back this cocktail of medications.
Acupuncture will help you! Don't worry about needles - it's not painful %26 you will get relief very quickly %26 relief that lasts! Good luck
It sounds like you should see your Dr and ask for advice - perhaps there is a small operation that could clear your sinus problem... Good luck, I hope you get this sorted out.
i usually use sea salt water spray to spray into your nose it cleans your nose and usually help me
good luck
One thing I do know is that anything with dairy or bananas is not good for the sinuses. I hope this can be put with any other info you get to find a complete answer.If not look up Dr Colin Barron on google and ask him for some TFT, I used it on two migrain patients and my fiance who has had a sinus infection recently. He didnt need any medicine.Good luck
You should book a free assessment at a chiropractors - they help people with sinus problems all the time. Find a registered one with the General Chiropractic Council website. Good luck.
Wash your face frequently with warm water and soap. Rinse thoroughly with as hot water as you can stand. Spray non medicated saline spray up your nose- tilting your head to each side until you feel the saline run out the other nostril. Keep away from irritants- the things that are causing the sinus- dirt, dust, food allergies,cold air, strong perfumes, cigarette smoke, many pollutants. Eat healthy meals- hot soups with plenty of onions and garlic and peppers (unless the pepper cause problems for you.)
There is an operation that they can do on your sinuses to relieve them. I recently had a sinus infection and the headache for 18 days. Went through 2 courses of antibiotics and that was 2 weeks ago and I still don't feel 100%. There are some weird viruses going around that our antibiotics aren't really killing, its pretty scary. I know how you feel, I felt like I wanted to die. or cut my head off. Take care.
Headaches can be caused by minor problems
like eyestrain, lack of coffee or more serious reasons
like head injury, brain tumors, encephalitis and
meningitis. Taking painkillers continuously can
have harmful side effects, so it is better to
modify your lifestyle. More information available at
If the A%26E has diagnozed it as sinusitis, you will need a more sophisticated medical procedure than Panadol or Tramadol.Such pain indicates that your sinuses are blocked, possibly by stones caused by dried mucous and dust, which is causing the pain. Left untreated, these mucousoid stones can begin affecting your eyes and cause partial to permanent blindness of vision problems.See your GP and ask for any strong decongestant. I used Coricidin-D or Sinutab or Neozep and you can check if these are available in your area. These are over the counter products. If the pain persists, your GP will ask you to undergo an endoscopic procedure for the removal of these mucousoid stones.
can you provide some more detail about the pain of your headaches . I was diagnosed for 6 years with sinusitus later to find out I had cluster headaches. ps not even morphine will shift these ones. With sinusitus you should have green or coloured nasal discharge and the pain shoul last for 8 hours to a couple of days with CH they have unilateral ( one sided )clear nasal dischareg that lasts between 15mins to 3 hours and normally you dont wanna sit down .. infact commonly users are known to bang their head against the floor. If you are going to take 2 types of pills take brufin and coedine as one is from the asprin family and one from the paracetamol family. VERY VERY important not to OD on paracetamol since this will cause organ failiure and ultimately death hard to remember when you are in pain....I really do know since as I say the condition I have is worse than child birth ( 5 to 8 times a night for up to 3 months) but you have to keep it in the back of the head when your rolling around in pain.good luck and wish you pain free days and nights

How can I cure a muscle pain in my leg?

I pulled a muscle slightly a couple of weeks ago on the top of my upper leg. I've put ice on it, tried Deep Heat and rested it but it still hurts when I stretch it and pull my foot up to my backside. Any ideas how to resolve it?
Keep using ice and gently massage the effected area periodically.
you said you used deep heat would you try using a gel called bio freeze gel. I used it and found it very good you can buy sample satchets in the pharmacy for trial for about 1 euro it might help to ease the pain
The best pain medicines i have found are Cannabis, Morphine, and Oxycontin
cold for 24 hours and then warm heat after 24 hours
if you put heat on it with in 24 hour you could get a blood clout
It seems that you've been doing well at all the procedures. I think you just need to rest further by not doing any vigorous exercise. Enough rest is good

How can I change my sleeping habits and go to bed sooner in a gradual way that won't leave me restless?

latley I haven't been falling alseep until 12 am or 1:30 am then whenI do sleep I wake up a lot and fall back alseep...very annoying..any way Because of this, like clock work about 1 pm I get REALLY tired. I don't want to sleep because I know if I do, I won't sleep well at night. I don't want to take sleeping pills, I don't think it's that extreme.
exercise during the day.
also, maybe your diet is messing up your body. eat healthy

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