Sunday, October 25, 2009

Help! my butt hurts from diarrhea?

not grossly but what should i do when i go diarrhea and my buthole burns from the acid stuff in diarrhea?
you should be worrying about how to stop your constant diarrhea if its bad enough to "burn" your anus.Try to stop eating foods/drinks that promotes your diarrhea.Try to eat more fiber which will "soak" up the extra fluids in your body.There is an article on dark chocolates having positive effects on helping with diarrhea as well. Not sure if it works or not
keep some immodium on hand and put some vaseline or oil on a clean cloth and wipe your butt and keep it clean at all times
sorry it was funny.
anyways, try wiping with a wetwipe made for butts
I'd say the most important thing in this case is to at least make sure you're using the softest and most expensive brand of toilet paper. I did not used to think it made a difference what toilet paper you used, but it does - especially with something like this! I've had this problem before. Probably just have to use the soft toilet paper and ride it out.
go to the store and get a tube of myconazole and a tube of hydrocortisone and mix them together then put sone on your sore butt. It should help we mix it alot at the pharmacy where i work and we call it butt cream.
when you wipe your rear end, try using a wipe called TUCKS..they are used generally for hemmoroids and for women who have just had a baby (vaginally) and they help to shrink swollen tissue...try them, they may work for you, also try using a donut pillow when you sit down, that may also help...good luck


  1. The best diet for diarrhea is the BRAT diet: Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. That helps your stool to form up and of course, water!

    For the skin:
    - take a warm bath and clean with a mild soap, like baby wash.
    - Pat and air dry then apply a maximum strength diaper cream. This is a barrier cream that will help the skin heal and prevent scalding from the diarrhea.

  2. lmao try using a wet whipe made for butts roflrofl amazing answer

  3. i know this is old, but for anyone in the future looking. Go to a Pharmacy and ask for Corona Cream. its supposed to be be animals with small cuts but its AMAZING for baby's diaper rash and your swollen anus thats been raped by the acids in your diet lol. it doesnt smell nice and you will either need to wear old undergarments that can be thrown away or some that you dont mind get dirty. its lanolin so it stains like oils and vaseline. but trust me. your anus hole will love me the next morning :)


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